Hello! You’ve arrived at the blog of Dan Saber. (My condolences.)

I’m a writer and Data Scientist based in Silicon Valley. My work has shown up in The Economist, Inside Big Data, and more.

Please poke around. I hope you find something you enjoy.

A quick lay of the land:


My writing falls into a few main categories… (go here if you just want to see the latest)

Data Science Tutorials

Other Data Science Topics

NOTE: I know many of you are interested primarily in my Data Science writing, so I made you a special page and RSS feed that only includes my technical posts (i.e., Data Science Tutorials + Other Data Science Topics). No need to wade through my sociopolitical ramblings unless you want to. Speaking of…


These cover things I’m curious or angry about, e.g.,

Other Pages of Note

But wait… there’s more!

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  • About Me: obligatory; includes links to LinkedIn, Github, Twitter, etc.