Hello! You’ve arrived at the blog of Dan Saber. (My condolences.)

I’m a writer and Data Scientist based in Silicon Valley. My work has shown up in The Economist, Inside Big Data, and more.

Please poke around. I hope you find something you enjoy.

A quick lay of the land:


My writing falls into a few main categories… (go here if you just want to see the latest)

Data Science Tutorials

Other Data Science Topics

NOTE: I know many of you are interested primarily in my Data Science writing, so I made you a special page and RSS feed that only includes my technical posts (i.e., Data Science Tutorials + Other Data Science Topics). No need to wade through my sociopolitical ramblings unless you want to. Speaking of…


These cover things I’m curious or angry about, e.g.,


Finally, I’m also a novelist! You can find information on my debut novel, Good Intentions, here.


More fiction coming soon, including a few short stories. Keep your eyes on this section…

Other Pages of Note

But wait… there’s more!

  • Reading List: a running log of books I’ve read and would recommend, updated periodically
  • Contact: a place to get in touch (please get in touch!)
  • About Me: obligatory; includes links to LinkedIn, Github, Twitter, etc.