Hello! You’ve arrived at the site of Dan Saber. (My condolences.)

I’m a writer and Data Scientist based in Silicon Valley. My work has shown up in The Economist, Inside Big Data, and more.

I use this site primarily to do my more “professional” writing (i.e., about Data Science and adjacent topics, like management). It also serves as a launchpad to my various non-Data initiatives, which you can find below and in the menu above.

Please poke around. I hope you find something you enjoy.

A quick lay of the land:


My writing falls into a few main categories…

Data Science Tutorials

Other Data Science Topics

Essays and Blogging

I have a Substack (then again, who doesn’t?). It’s called Jetsam and it’s where I do my non-Data Science writing. The theme of the blog is hard to summarize, but it covers politics, philosophy, technology, and more.

Check out some of my favorite posts below and subscribe if you’re interested!


Finally, I’m also a novelist! You can find information about my debut philosophical novel, Good Intentions, here.

Other Pages of Note

But wait… there’s more!

  • Contact: a place to get in touch (please get in touch!)
  • About Me: obligatory; includes links to LinkedIn, Github, Twitter, etc.