Hello, prospective reader. You’ve arrived at the site of Dan Saber (my condolences). Here I am:

I’m a writer and Data Scientist based in Silicon Valley. My work has shown up in The Economist, Inside Big Data, and more.

I use this site primarily for my technical writing. It also serves as a launchpad for my non-Data initiatives, which you can find below and in the menu above. Although we live in an online environment that demands we build narrow “brands,” I have a habit of exploring too many things.

Please poke around. I hope you find something you enjoy.


My writing falls into a few main categories:


That’s what I do on this very website!

Some of my more popular posts include this comparison of Python data visualization libraries and this in-depth tutorial on difference-in-differences regression.

Go here to see it all, or click “Data Blog” in the menu above.

Tech, culture, and management musings

That’s what I do on my Substack!

I’m especially proud of this post on scaling companies and this anthropological deep-dive on the non-obvious impacts of remote work.

It’s all free, so join hundreds of other smart, curious, and devishly attractive readers by subscribing.

Writing for other outlets

I catalog all such writing here.

Humor and fiction

I’m also a novelist! (I told you I have too many interests.) You can find information about my comedic novel here. Stay tuned for more humor writing.


I’m excited to begin teaching online, starting with…

Causal Inference for Data Science on CoRise

I’m teaching a course on causal inference on the online education platform CoRise. My goal is to fight back against the heinous ways universities teach statistics and econometrics by, you know, making it fun. If you want to learn how to analyze why things happen rather than what things happen, this is the course for you.

I promise it will include all the jokes you’ve grown accustomed to.

Other things I operate on The Internet include:

  • A LinkedIn with a decidedly mediocre picture
  • A Twitter which primarily features complaints about UCLA sports
  • A thoroughly unimpressive GitHub, albeit one that has seemed to bring value to several people

(On the whole, I would give my own web presence a 4/10.)