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Programming Note

Hey all, After a number of issues with WordPress, I decided to take the Substack Plunge(TM). My newsletter,, is up now, along with the first post: Management is policy implementation. Please give it a follow! It's free! Yours, Dan

For The Economist: Corporate Values and Campaign Finance

I was interested in whether "woke" companies donate disproportionately to Democrats, or if their embrace of progressive causes is one big branding exercise. The answer? Kinda both (but mostly branding)! I'm unbelievably proud to say that my findings were published... Continue Reading →

Time Keeps on Slipping: Exploiting Time for Causal Inference with Difference-in-Differences and Panel Methods

Note: This post assumes a passing familiarity with linear regression. Aside from that, it's a highly applied intro to D-in-D regression and panel data techniques. In Due Time In one of my favorite episodes of¬†Futurama, the universe experiences "time skips."... Continue Reading →

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